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Piezotome Cube :

Piezotome Cube Technology

IntraLift® 3D by SATELEC® ACTEON

Around Piezotome® Cube

Crest Splitting:

PIEZOTOME® Crest Splitting / 3D Protocol

Bone Surgery Crest Split Expansion crête Piezo 2 FL YM 2011

Ridge Splitting with Piezotome


Piezotome 2 Extraction NINJA

Bone Surgery Molar Extraction Molaire

Piezo VS Rotative 5HD

Extraction Smile Engineers

Extraction Dr Abdah Coupe

Dr BROOKS testimonial Piezotome Cube Extraction

Bone Surgery Removal of Retrained Canine By Prof F Louise

Piezotome Surgery Removal of Two Palatal Impacted Canines

Bone Surgery Extraction by Prof F Louise

Bilateral Teeth Fracture Dr Abdah

Atraumatic Tooth Removal of a 2nd incisor with Piezotome lc1 tip Dr Juan Martinez

Atraumatic Tooth Removal of an upper incisor with Piezotome lc1 tip Dr Juan Martinez

Prophylaxis Tips Endodontic Tips

Atraumatic Extraction with Immediate Implant Placement Dr. Abdah

Sinus Lift :

ACTEON Sinus Lift

Piezotome 2 Lateral Sinus Elevation

Intralift :

IntraLift® 3D by SATELEC® ACTEON®

Crown Extension :

ACTEON crown extension

ACTEON Crown Extension Bruxism Clinical case

Crown Lengthening - Satelec Piezotome

Piezocision :

ACTEON Piezocision

Piezocision® technique by Dr J. SURMENIAN

Bone surgery :