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Submission of a presentation covering the following points, of maximum 8 Slides (excluding the thank you slide) with an interesting/innovative team name.

  • Innovative introduction of the team members and guide along with 1 picture/selfie
  • About Piezo technology
  • Indications of Piezo in dentistry
  • How is Piezosurgery better than conventional techniques? Compare as many techniques as possible. E.g. Osteotome & Rotary for bone cutting, forceps for extraction etc.
  • Proposal for the 2nd Level. Which Indication and why?

  • Guidelines

  • Only PGs are eligible for this contest
  • Only 2 PGs allowed per team. There is no restriction in terms of their department. They could be from either the same or 2 different departments.
  • Unlimited entries allowed from 1 college
  • The college will have to nominate a guide for each team. 1 guide can handle multiple teams.
  • The result of round 1 will be announced on 31st March on our Facebook Page (Acteon India Pvt. Ltd) only.

  • Submission Guidelines

  • Last Date of Submission – 10th March 2019 (Submission deadline extended to EOD 12th March 2019)
  • All the presentations to be sent to along with the Team Name, Participants Name, Guide Name and College Name
  • LEVEL 2

    Submission Guidelines

    Top 10 teams move to round 2. These teams will be supported by a full day CDE program in the college or Piezosurgery unit to work on the patient and prepare a complete research paper on one of the following indications

  • Direct Sinus Elevation
  • Indirect/Crestal Sinus Elevation
  • Ridge Split/Expansion
  • Block Graft
  • Mandibular 3rd Molar Impaction

  • Guidelines

  • Last Date of Submission – 15th May 2019 (Submission deadline extended to EOD 18th May 2019)
  • All the papers to be sent to along with the Team Name, Participants Name, Guide Name and College Name
  • The result of round 2 will be announced on 30th May 2019 on our Facebook Page (Acteon India Pvt. Ltd) only (The result announcement date has been changed to 3rd June)
  • All the cases have to be done with Piezotome Cube, the piezosurgery unit from Acteon only

  • Reward

  • Top 5 colleges with maximum number of teams clearing the 1st round will be eligible for a Free Full day CDE program/workshop on Piezosurgery.
  • Selected teams from the college will be actively involved along with the speaker and will also get an opportunity to present their presentation to the gathering.
  • The selected teams from remaining colleges will also be invited to attend these workshops.

  • LEVEL 3

    Top 3 teams will have the opportunity to present in front of our elite panel of judges which will consist of some of the most reputed names in Dental Fraternity. Each team will be given 15 minutes for PowerPoint presentation followed by 10 min Q&A


  • Presentation to be sent to us by 18th June 2019 at along with the Team Name, Participants Name, Guide Name and College Name
  • Final Presentation on 23rd June 2019 in Delhi. The Venue will be communicated later.
  • The cost of travel and stay for the final 3 teams will be taken care by Acteon India Pvt ltd.

  • Rewards

  • Winning Team - National Winner Certificate + Cheque of Rs. 50,000 & Voucher of Rs. 200000*(T&C) for the college
  • First Runner Up Team – Rs. 30000
  • Second Runner Up Team – Rs. 10000

  • As an added incentive for all the students participating in this program, Acteon will be supporting them with very special packages to set up their clinical practice to ensure a smooth transition from student life to professional life.

    The participating colleges will become a very special part of A.C.E Academy and will be given preference for any future initiative from our side. Acteon has been at the forefront of Innovation and Technologyin the field of dentistry and is committed to bring new cutting-edge technology which is focused on Non-Invasive and Atraumatic solutions. In this endeavour, these institutions can be involved during the global trials of these innovative products before their official launch.